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Best Solar Panels From A Top Solar Panel Company

Control your monthly electric bills by getting affordable solar panels made in USA installed at your home or office. Save vital cash as no money is required to be paid upfront. Get started without any down payment and benefit with the lowest electricity price rates for next 2 decades. No extra charges for installation, monitoring as well as repairs. is one of America’s leading solar panel companies that specialize in providing cost-effective solar energy solutions which include including photovoltaic solar (PV) panels, solar attic ventilation, solar thermal heating systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and commercial lighting as well as energy efficient house improvements.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced solar panel experts enables us to design and install some of the most affordable solar energy based power solutions with excellent customer services.

Useful Features Of Our Solar Energy Panels At a Glance

  • Can raise the overall value of your house or business
  • Can protect you financially from ever increasing power costs
  • You can monitor total power production on your mobile phone
  • Our certified team of specialists has expertise to install big and small solar panels
  • Benefit with a specially designed custom solution to meet your specific objectives

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Selecting The Best Solar Panels From A Top Rated Company

All solar panel companies in USA are not equal and you will have to consider several different factors while getting a solar power panel installed.

  • Tolerance - The term refers to the range in which a solar module will generate power. Positive tolerance implies that a particular panel generates power more than its specified capacity.
  • Temperature co-efficient - It is a per degree Celsius rating which is used for determining the likely impact that heat will have on post installation solar panel operation. Lower percentage indicates better performance.
  • Conversion efficiency - This is a measure of power which a system generates and if the conversion efficiency is high the module can guarantee value for your money.
  • PID resistance - PID meaning “Potential Induced Degradation” is caused due to stray currents generated by certain climatic conditions. PID can lead to substantial loss of power. A good quality solar panel will have little or no PID.
  • LID resistance - LID or Light Induced Degradation is a process that takes place during the first few months post installation of a solar panel. LID gets stabilised once the initial time period passes and this might reduce amount of power produced by the solar panel. A high quality solar panel may little or no LID.

  • Embodied energy - Regardless of whether it is a big or small, there is an important element known as embodied energy. This shows intensity of production of energy and the speed with which the panel produces extra amount of energy.
  • Durability / Longevity / Warranty - Since we are one of the reputed solar panel service providers, we vouch for the durability as well as longevity for our entire range of products and services. Like all reputable companies we also offer warranties for a 25 year period.
  • Size and Watts - The size and power generation capacity of solar panels can directly affect their pricing. But you need to make sure that you get a system which generates enough power to run all appliances at home or office.
  • Solar panels types - Cost of solar panels could also vary depending on the type of panel getting installed. Normally, solar panels are available in 3 major types. These are:
    • Mono crystalline silicon based solar panel that has high efficiency and has great heat tolerance
    • Poly crystalline silicon based solar panel which is highly preferred for residential installations
    • Amorphous or thin-film silicon based solar panel which is the least efficient of all solar panels

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Benefits Of Going Solar With The Best Solar Panels Company

Large Solar panels in USA
  • Reap profits with the best small and large solar panels
    Save hundreds of dollars annually and tens of thousands of dollars over a twenty year period on your power bills by getting a tailor-made solar panel installed at your home or office.
  • Increase pool season every summer by paying only once
    It could be possible to save some additional dollars by increasing your total pool season by up to 1 or 2 months every summer.
  • Guarantees financial protection from rising electricity bills
    There could be guaranteed return on investment (ROI) if you get a system installed from one of the best solar panel company in the world.
  • Solar energy prices have dropped continuously year after year
    The cost of using solar energy technology has gone down over the past few years and today it is easily affordable.
  • Use of solar energy means clean electricity and responsible choice
    By switching to solar energy you can get clean electricity for your house.

Why You Need To Choose Our Solar Panel Expert Services?

  • As we are among the top solar panel companies, we build and install the most cost-efficient solar systems in the world which are backed by warranties. We use quality materials for building panels.
  • All our experienced professional installers are licensed as well as adequately insured and our company is also approved by “National Roofing Contractors Association” or NRCA. Besides, our solar installations even guarantee home’s roof warranty.     
  • Being one of the leading solar panels companies, the products that we offer carry warranties for specified number of years and are properly insured. This means even if our company ceases to exist after few years, warranty will take care of products for remaining years specified in warranty.      
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