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Home and business office owners may now take advantage of specialist solar Connecticut services online for finding top rated solar panel makers and installers in Connecticut State. Act to get highly customized solar panels systems installed at your homes or business offices. Get rid of costly electricity bills forever and save money over the long run with an initial investment. Benefit with rebates and tax credits offered by state and federal governments by going green in Connecticut. Fix a free consultation now! Click here to know why you must decide to go solar in Connecticut online!

Here’s Why You Need To Work With Top Rated Connecticut Solar Installers

  • RPS Connecticut and future - The cost of getting solar panels CT installed at homes has come down significantly. This is because as per provisions of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), utility providers in Connecticut are needed to support homeowners that indicate willingness to go solar. As per RPS rules and regulations, utility companies must buy specified amount of retail electricity generated from renewable sources.
  • RPS carve outs - RPS carve out means preset quantity of overall energy produced in a state which must be generated from a particular source. Although Connecticut doesn’t have specific RPS carve out for generation of solar power, the state still appears to be forging ahead with its clean solar energy initiatives. To achieve this objective, Connecticut has set up a clean energy fund.
  • Save money by going green in Connecticut - The growing popularity of solar installation CT services could be attributed to the money savings that can be accrued with solar panel installations. Electricity charges have been continuously increasing over the past decade and this has started affecting homeowners’ monthly budgets. By installing solar power systems, there may be initial investment but over the long run money can be saved.
  • Get solar system installed at your Connecticut house - Instead of waiting for things to happen take a bold decision. Work with a good solar company CT and get a customized solar panel system installed at your home. Time may be running out fast and if you don’t make the best of opportunities, you might not have the pleasure of getting benefitted with federal and state CT solar rebates.
  • Qualify for financing options and incentives - Multiple financing alternatives are now being made available to home as well as commercial property owners for installation of cost-efficient solar power systems under various solar CT programs. Besides, incentives, rebates and tax credits offered by government can bring down the overall cost of solar panel installations further. Thus, it can be a totally win-win situation for home and business office owners.

  • Reduce Installation Costs With Big Connecticut Solar Rebates And Incentives

    Home and business office owners can get benefitted with Connecticut solar incentives and rebates offered by the federal government, local utility companies as well as the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) such as:

    • 30% Federal Tax Credit
    • CEFIA state solar rebate
    • Zero-emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs)
    • Utility rebates
    • Property tax exemptions
    • Sales tax exemptions
    • Additional local rebates

    Our professionals have the knowledge of paperwork involved in securing solar incentives in CT.

    Reap Benefits By Installing Result Oriented Solar Panels In Connecticut Now

    By taking advantage of our cost-free specialist solar panel installation CT assistance online, you also do have the chance to secure the below mentioned benefits.

    • Connecticut solar laws permit homeowners to sell excess electricity generated by PV systems to local utility companies at retail rates. Hence, if your solar system generates more amount of energy than what is required, you can send it to local electricity grid.
    • By going solar in CT, your home’s selling price will increase. Studies show that houses with solar power systems appraise higher than those without them. For every $1 reduction in electricity bills per annum, home value increases by about $20.
    • By working with the best solar companies in CT it could be lot easier to market as well as sell your house much faster. Potential home buyers prefer to buy homes which have residential solar energy systems installed in them.

Benefits of Solar Panels
  • Benefit with huge incentives by putting your house roof to work.
  • Get rid of costly electricity bills by gaining energy independence.
  • Protect yourself financially from ever increasing electricity prces.
  • Cost of solar energy has been continuously decreasing every year.
  • Opting for solar energy is deemed to be a clean and responsible choice.
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solar panel installation ct is one of America’s leading online service providers for installation of solar panels in CT. Over the years we have enabled hundreds of home and business office owners get customized solar solutions for their properties which have helped to get rid of costly electricity bills forever. This has become possible due to the fact that we work with solar panel companies in CT that employ certified technicians who have combination of knowledge and experience.

  • Secure Guaranteed Results - By using our online expert guidance for finding a reliable and reputed solar company CT, you could be rest assured of securing guaranteed results. In addition, firms which are part of our nationwide network also offer free system maintenance and checkups for the initial 2 years post solar system installation over and above 5 years guarantee.
  • Find expertise at all levels - We are fully committed to helping all our customers in finding the best Connecticut solar companies online through a simple, easy and hassle-free online process. Qualified, licensed and certified professionals who are employed by our business partners have to undergo and complete minimum 60 hours of practical training that is extensive before getting onto jobs.